Bespoke research

TXF Research also produce bespoke data driven reports for paying clients. We recognise that there are a huge number of companies that want to explore a particular area of interest but often don’t have the time or resources to research it themselves.

TXF Research is able to take on this burden by doing all the heavy lifting involved in bespoke research. Using a similar methodology to our legacy reports, we develop the data collection tools, collect, collate and analyse the data, followed by writing and designing the final report. Importantly, at every step of the way, TXF Research involves the client to ensure that we are being held to account. Consequently, the client can be involved as much as little as possible.

Benefits to the client

  • TXF Data can be included in the report (where applicable)
  • Exclusive rights over all the content
  • A company logo on the front cover and all relevant inside pages
  • A foreword written by the client, with a high resolution picture and an electronic signature included
  • The opportunity to co-present the report at a TXF event of your choosing
  • TXF will deliver an internal presentation to the client (in person or digital)
  • TXF will print off 50 hard copies of the report for the client
  • TXF will distribute up to 50 hard copies at our events
  • A feature length news article conducted by a TXF reporter that goes out to our full subscriber base
  • An opportunity to be interviewed as part of TXF’s daily podcast that goes out to all our listeners

For more information please contact:

Dr Tom Parkman, Head of Research

Andrew Rankin, Head of Marketing

Vanisha Meisuria, Senior Business Development Manager

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