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We were established in 2011 to bridge gaps between parties in export, structured, and project finance transactions.

We help borrowers, lenders, exporters, and ECAs at every stage of a financing’s life cycle.

During the planning and development stages of a project, we can help maximize the size of the financing and determine which ECAs can be involved.

As the financing progresses, we can help the borrower, the exporter, and the lender prepare documentation needed to reach financial closing.

Following financial closing, we streamline the disbursement process by completely managing the disbursement process accurately and transparently on behalf of the borrower and the exporter


  • Advisory: We help unbanked borrowers structure and raise export, structured, and project debt and equity. We prepare financial models, information memoranda, and presentations to lenders, ECAs, and DFIs.
  • Consulting: We use our sophisticated ECA eligibility models to calculate, sensitize, and maximize financing eligibility at every stage in a project’s life cycle. We also prepare documentation needed to reach financial closing.
  • Administration: We use our proprietary disbursement system to manage loan utilization on behalf of borrowers and exporters. We prepare accurate and compliant disbursement packages quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Compliance: We help ECA lenders and buyers of ECA loan portfolios review and certify compliance of ECA facilities in their portfolios. Our involvement helps decrease risk and minimize cost
  • Education: We provide training courses and education material on ECAs to lenders, borrowers, law firms, exporters, and ECAs themselves. Since 2015 we have trained over 200 ECA professionals worldwide.

Our headquarters are in New York City. We also have staff and partners in Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. From our offices we can serve customers worldwide, and in our eleven-year history we have had customers in countries from Mongolia to Mexico and from Russia to South Africa.

We can mobilize local teams wherever our customers require them. Our staff and partners are fluent in several languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Arabic. We have worked for over 65 customers in 30 countries and in 17 industries.

We have worked in financings worth over USD 35 billion, helped close financings worth over USD 7.5 billion, and disbursed over USD 4 billion.

We can help borrowers and exporters:

  • Maximize the amount of financing
  • Minimize the risk of underutilizing the financing
  • Disburse the financing quickly
  • Prepare accurate applications and disbursement packages
  • Maintain compliance with ECA and DFI requirements

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Francisco Anzola


tel: +1 646 245 1988

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