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TXF Data is the market leading closed deals database for the Export, Commodity and Project Finance sectors. Our data platform houses the largest volume of deal data currently available to the market and has become a go-to resource for financial institutions and corporates operating in this space over the last 5 years.

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TXF Data Reports

TXF produces exclusive PDF reports with the latest information on the market delivered by our team of experts to give context to our treasure trove of data. Our regularly produced reports include quarterly market updates, as well as sector or industry specific updates on those areas experiencing the significant change.

Sector Dashboards

Our dashboard of preset charts and tables present a selection of the most commonly required metrics for quick analysis of each market to give you a competitive edge. Need something even more detailed? TXF can create a customized dashboard specific to your needs which is available on your homepage every time you login.


To ensure you don’t miss out, our alerts algorithm ensure you will receive automatically generated alerts on the latest opportunities in your market collated from information released by leading exporters, developers and financial institutions.

Microsoft Excel Add-in

Have access to TXF Data directly in Microsoft Excel giving you the ability to prepare, sort, analyze and present up-to-the-minute market data in a format familiar to all. Show changes sweeping the market over years, or regional and sectoral trends in a much more granular way.

Access to our Analyst

Having direct access to our analyst is a premium feature of the TXF Data subscription. This service is provided to help you with more complicated data queries, or in case you have a pressing matter that requires some specific data, such as a presentation or a client meeting. Our typical turnaround time is just 24 hours from the original brief.

Primary market research from TXF Research

Clients get full access to a library of TXF Research reports including our flagship annual export finance report and commodity finance report, as well as sector specific research pieces throughout the year. By combining our research, data and editorial context, subscribers get the fullest analysis of the industry all year round.

Database Stats


Total number of deals in the database

Get instant access to every deal in our database dating back to 2013 when TXF Data started. Build your own custom reports using a range of parameters including Regions, Countries, Industries, Subindustries, Use of Proceeds, Lenders, ECAs, Borrowers, Borrower type, Credit type to access deal data at your fingertips.


Lenders and Borrowers activity tracked

Quickly review closed deal data from over 450 lenders and borrowers via your homepage dashboard or by using our intuitive data search filters to define your criteria by specific company. All of the data is extractable into Excel for further analysis and presentation.


Percentage of the export and commodity finance market covered

No other database on the market currently provides the level of detail or depth in the industries we serve. If your business needs to regularly access, compare or track deal data then our team would be more than happy to explain how we can guarantee our data is the most up to date and accurate database available to you.


Extractable data points for every deal including;

Deal Title, Closing Date, Deal country, Region, Tranche Structure, Tranche Volume, Tenor, Local Currency Name, Tranche Pricing, Tranche Benchmark, CIRR Reference, Reference Used, Industry, Subindustry, ECAs, Banks, Volume, Borrower, Use of Proceeds, Type of Credit, ECA name, ECA role, ECA involvement, Deal Volume, Deal Region, Deal Industry, Lender Name, Lender Involvement, Role.

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