About TXF Research

TXF Research is responsible for conducting some of the most insightful and detailed research into the export finance, commodity finance, and trade finance industries.

Our research reports combine the latest quantitative trends with thought provoking qualitative insights and are available to purchase in hard and soft copy formats.

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Export Finance Industry Report

Our flagship annual export finance report gathers the views of over 500 industry respondents. Not only does the final report contain the latest global industry insights and heatmaps, it also explores the latest export finance specific trends to see how the market is prepared for the COVID-19 aftermath.

Commodity trade finance

Our flagship annual commodity finance report presents detailed analysis and heatmaps on how banks, brokers and law firms are facilitating global trades. Recognising that commodity market trends are fluid; the survey explores the growing influence of alternative financing and how regulation and compliance is impacting the industry each year.

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What organisations subscribe to our research services?

Bank, ECAs, Law Firms, Exporters, Importers, Private Insurers

Find out how your clients rate you in relation to your competition and where they feel your business excels and where it could do better

Banks, Brokers, Law Firms, Traders, Producers & Private Insurers.

Find out who is best placed to provide you with a financing solution that will help you grow your business most profitably, quickly and easily.


Bespoke research

Our TXF Research team is available for independent research and consultancy projects on a bespoke basis for paying clients. Working collaboratively with clients to define the focus and scope of a project, the TXF research team applies its expertise to the collection, collation, analyses and full report write up to deliver a fully bespoke thought leadership report owned by the client.

Using TXF Research is a great way to save your business time and money especially if your research needs are time sensitive. TXF has a strong reputation in the market for holding the industries we cover to account and this helps us gather more unguarded feedback than other organisations or internal teams

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Does your organisation want to pioneer research into a specific industry trend?

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Partner with TXF Research

Position your brand as a thought leader by partnering with us on the Export Finance report or the Commodity Finance report this year.

Find out how your organisation can feature on the front cover of our forthcoming reports by emailing [email protected]. Partnering with us aligns your organisation with the most thought provoking and in-depth research available to the market.